On a Mission, Episode 12: Fran Pratt

Did you ever come into prayer with so much heaviness, grief, or misery that you just couldn’t put it into words? You might just need Fran Pratt. 

She’s my guest on this episode. She’s known online at The Litanist. That is, she writes litanies. They’re beautiful articulations of emotion and truth, giving individuals and communities words to pray about hard stuff. They offer words when there are no words. 

She wrote a book in 2019 compiling her litanies. You can read my review of her book here.  She serves as the Pastor of Worship and Liturgy at Peace of Christ Church in Round Rock, Texas, where she lives with her spouse and two kids. We talk about pastoring, mothering, writing, and some deep down theology – get ready for the sacred feminine and penal substitutionary atonement, folks. 

Episode 25: Episode 25: Catholic Leadership with Kerry Robinson On a Mission

My guest today is Kerry Robinson. She is an international leader in the field of excellence in Church leadership. She has spent the last 15 years traveling the world, bringing together outstanding leaders in the business and nonprofit worlds with the ordained leaders of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church to achieve excellence in leadership and management. We talk about what happens when Catholic women run into obstacles in offering their gifts to the Church, what makes an excellent Catholic parish, and what happens in her day job when best leadership practices run up against Church teaching. Listen in. Find all links at http://www.molleendupreedominguez.com/podcast
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Resources from this episode:

Christian Music that Doesn’t Suck!

“Your peace will make us one” by Audrey Assad
“All Things Rise” by Sam Yoder
“Found You” by Silicone Boone
“Bringing the World to Life” by Fran Pratt

Call and Response: Litanies for Congregational Prayer

Find more about Fran here: http://www.franpratt.com

Fran mentions this book when considering the future of Christianity in the U.S.: The Great Emergence

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