On a Mission, Episode 11: Cameron Bellm

Today I’m talking with Cameron Bellm. About a year ago, she started publishing her writing on Instagram- and, y’all, it blew up!

She started publishing prayers during the Pandemic of 2020… they resonated… and they were shared and repurposed all over the world. She collected those pandemic prayers in an ebook. And now she’s writing a hardcover book. It’s about paying attention as a spiritual practice and being a contemplative in action. It will be out in hard copy in March 2022. 

She’s a writer, scholar, and mother who lives in the Seattle area. We talk about Russian literature, not needing to be God’s lawyer, and discerning what is ours to do. I think you’re going to love a sneak peek into the spirituality of such a sincere and thoughtful human being. 

She mentions Greg Boyle, a Jesuit priest who established Homeboy Industries has written two fabulous books: Tattoos on the Heart and Barking to the Choir. 

Read more from Cameron! 

Follow her on Instagram: @krugthethinker

Her praying the news prayer guide

Her ebook: Prayers for a pandemic

Her monthly prayer column for the Jesuit Conference. Here is the latest one!

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