Practicing Enneagram Wisdom

Though each of us is naturally centered in a certain place, it is the task of our lifetimes to become more practiced at engaging our non-dominant centers and engaging our dominant centers as mindfully as possible.

On a Mission: Episode 1

On today’s episode we chat with Anne Symens-Bucher, co-visionary behind Oakland, California’s Canticle Farm, a Franciscan-inspired community of activists, families and other folks growing food, sharing with the neighborhood, and building community.


It’s funny how, since my full-time job has started up, I haven't even had the brain space to think about writing long-form pieces - or anything really - like I did in the summer. So I’m grateful for this hope*writers prompt series to officially kickstart my fall phase of writing. I’m giving myself 30 minutes …

Enneagram 7

Lots of you have heard of the Enneagram, an ancient personality typing system. I went to a conference on it in September 2017, and what I heard resonated so deeply with my experience, especially when it came to the explosive shock that becoming a parent was to me. Right now, my Enneagram guru is Suzanne …