19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily

I was delighted to offer the weekly homily for U.S. Catholic for this Sunday. Enjoy the video and full text below.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGBgtrpnIPg&t=1s&utm_source=molleendupreedominguez.home.blog&utm_campaign=ed80fb06a0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2023_08_10_11_05&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_-ed80fb06a0-%5BLIST_EMAIL_ID%5D Most of us are quite familiar with the story of the “still small voice” - but to know the context of this vignette makes the story all the richer.   Elijah believes he is …

Mass of the Holy Spirit Homily

And in the time of Jesus, the Jewish people would call these scholars: “Lamps of the universe” or  “lights of the world.” These scholars brought light - a symbol for understanding, for truth - to the people. 

The muscle I most need to exercise right now

And so I need to exercise my Margin Muscle. I need to get stronger at limiting my in-person commitments outright. I need to muscularly resist the temptation to stack my calendar and regularly look at the whole picture with these questions:

Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Keynote Address

I am delighted to contribute this keynote address for the high school track, online edition of this year's Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice. Enjoy this piece that outlines the 2021 theme: Imagining a Path Forward: Reflection, Reckoning, and Kinship. Watch the video here. transcript: Do you remember March 13, 2020?  I do. I woke up …

Episode 29 :: Beauty in Broken Places with Elizabeth Bowler

** Trigger warning ** the stories in this episode include intimate partner violence, suicidality, and other traumas related to being unhoused. Please take care of yourself as you listen and consider skipping this episode today if these subjects will trigger you. Elizabeth Bowler is a social entrepreneur in Oakland. After being away from the California …

Episode 27 :: Called to Priesthood with Anne Tropeano

Anne Tropeano wants to see the Roman Catholic Church start ordaining women in her lifetime. You will love her down to earth way of relating to God, hear about her vision for ministry, and what she says about the role of the body in discernment Also - listen up for the parable she shares that I’m going to call, “Just put up your hood.” Enjoy my conversation with Father Anne Tropeano.

Feast of St. Mary Magdalene on July 22, 2021. Here's a little something on the history of her day.