On a Mission, Episode 5: Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry

Today is a great for you, dear listener. Today I have the privilege of talking with Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry, associate professor of Theology and Religious Studies at University of San Diego. If you read my blog, you may recognize her name as someone who presented at Catholic Theological Society of America’s conference last summer – and received a standing ovation. 

As she states in the full text:

I love the way she “does theology” – with an eye toward the lived experience of real people – not just middle-class, white American citizens… but all people, especially those who are disconnected from power and privilege. I think you will love her too. Listen in.


Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry, Asst. Professor of Theology & Religious Studies at University of San Diego

“I’d like to see an end to double-standard morality… We need a realistic and compassionate approach to life questions and meet people where they are.”

Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry

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Thanks for listening to On a Mission. I hope you took something from my conversation with Emily. I will continue to ponder how we can always center the stories of women when making ethical decisions. We must, must, must ground our ethical teachings in the lived reality of human beings. I think that’s what God is interested in: reality. 

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