On a Mission, Episode 6: Rose Feerick

Rose Feerick, co-director of Wisdom and Money

Did you ever inherit money? Did you wish you did? This podcast is the story of what my friend Rose Feerick did when she inherited a bunch of money after college graduation. How do we face and deal with our wealth when we call ourselves Christians? When you inherit a bunch of money – would you invest it for your progeny? Would you give it all away? Rose offers a third way – how Jesus! 

Now she’s the co-director of the organization, Wisdom and Money

She offers a way of participating with money that is grounded in meditative practice, and openheartedness, and deep understanding of God.


Links & Resources from this episode:

Wisdom and Money

Community Development Finance Institutions

Find your net worth


Thanks for listening to On a Mission. I hope you took something from my conversation with Rose. I will continue to ponder how I can always align my financial investments and everyday money spending in ways that align closely with my values like human dignity. How can I participate in Flow with my money and let my money movements reflect values and participation in God’s Flow in the world, rather than being rooted in my ego?

Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com

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