Mass of the Holy Spirit Homily

And in the time of Jesus, the Jewish people would call these scholars: “Lamps of the universe” or  “lights of the world.” These scholars brought light - a symbol for understanding, for truth - to the people. 

Episode 26 :: Discerning Deacons with Ellie Hidalgo

Welcome back for Season 4! Today I’m talking with Ellie Hildago. She’s on staff with Discerning Deacons, a recent effort to promote dialogue around the issue of reinstating women deacons in the Catholic Church. We talk about this recent movement to recover the true memory of women in early Christianity - shout out to St. Phoebe- and about Ellie’s personal journey to doing this work. You’ll love hearing how she started out in Catholic journalism, the inside scoop on Pope Francis’ commissions on women deacons, and why Ellie says ordination of women deacons matters. Listen in.

The Spiral

Budhhist scholar, Joanna Macy, has articulated a spiral which is the focus of our service today. She calls it The Work that Reconnects.


The Catholic lectionary readings for June 23 contain so much good stuff. I wrote about them on the Ignatian Solidarity Network's Rise Up reflections. And here's what I didn't have room for... People are more valuable than money. Yet mainstream American culture fights to the death to make us believe that wealth is located in …