1st Sunday of Advent Reflection

I was honored to be asked to write a reflection in the series, Advent of Liberation: Journeying to Find Emmanuel. It’s part of the robust collection of offerings and actions Call to Action, USA is conducting this season. I’m so proud to witness the bold steps the members of the Re/Generation program are presenting to the world. Check out all of their Advent offerings here.

Today’s readings

Where is your face pointed? What are you turned toward?

This is the question I hear throughout the readings today. The psalmist implores, “Lord, make us turn to you. Show us your face.” Isaiah begs God – return to us. Look at us. Catch us fostering justice. And Jesus commands us – keep your eyes on what I asked you to. I have left you in charge of something. Don’t sleep on it. 

So, in this 2020 Advent, where is God calling you to turn your face? 

As you get quiet in your prayer this Advent, follow God’s lead as she shows you what she wants you to look at…. keep reading here.

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