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What if "Easter" is a verb?
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If “easter” can be a verb, then let’s allow it. Poet Gerard Manley Hopkins famously penned, “Let Christ easter in us, be a day spring to the dimness within us.”

I find myself drawn to the subject in this subject-verb agreement. It is not *I* who easters. It is Jesus who easters. Or, more precisely, the risen Christ. The One who fulfills, transcends, and leads the way. 

What a relief, huh? It’s not up to us to easter, but to let Christ do it. And pay attention. 

Here are some gems to foster paying attention:

“We are called to be on the side of the crucified, not the empire that crucifies. That is the way of Jesus. The way of Jesus is also life and love. It is easy to find the broken places in our world and those that deal death.
 Where are the resurrection spaces? Where do we look to see that death does not, in fact, have the last word? And what is our work in bridging the gap between death and life?”

Wilda Gafney, The Shadows of Easter
About Mary Magdalene from our dear Erin Duffy-Burke (episode 31):

“I made the link that maybe those seven places of healing referred to her seven chakras, the seven energy centers in her body, as taught in the yogic tradition…

Oh, Greg Boyle. You are the G.O.A.T.:

“The Risen Christ cannot be found among the dead. Instead, the resurrection locates us in the here and now. We are only saved, after all, in the present moment. None of us will live forever, but we can surely live ‘in the forever.’”

“These two angels were like “lemme go on ahead and drop into Earth and show the kids how it’s done! We came roll a stone away and we came to slay!” Hilarity from R. Eric Thomas

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