On a Mission, Episode 4: Xouhoa Bowen

Today it’s Xouhoa Bowen. She is an activist, former PeaceCorps volunteer, and the founder and CEO of Community Impact Lab, a nonprofit organization in my neighborhood dedicated to taking action and to expanding opportunities for everyone, especially women and children. She’s a mom and talks about how becoming a mom made her more fierce in what she wants and expects. We got into it feminist-mom-wise, which I did not expect. 

She’s dynamic, energetic, and ambitious. I just love talking with her and being around her. Listen in!


Xouhoa Bowen
courtesy of Xouhoa Bowen

Links & Resources from this episode

Community Impact Lab

Shout out to MarquetteU, Soup with Substance, PeaceCorps

Kyrgyzstan: discover the fascinating place Xouhoa spent PeaceCorps

Thanks for listening to On a Mission. I hope you took something from my conversation with Xouhoa. I will continue to ponder the meaning of motherhood in my own life – how becoming a mom gave me superpowers and that I’m more capable now than before I was a mother. I really find that to be true. How about you? What’s your superpower? Leave a comment below or tag us on Instagram using #onamissionpodcast

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