On a Mission: Episode 1

Links & Resources from Episode 1:
Anne Symens-Bucher

On today’s episode we chat with Anne Symens-Bucher, co-visionary behind Oakland, California’s Canticle Farm, a Franciscan-inspired community of activists, families and other folks growing food, sharing with the neighborhood, and building community. Our conversation went in a bunch of different directions – we ended up talking about the Enneagram, being White women, as well as how to persist in activism decade after decade. Listen in. 


What to Remember Upon Waking by David Whyte

Start Close In by David Whyte

Franciscan Spirituality

“I have done what was mine to do, may Christ now teach you what you are to do.”

The Canticle of Creation

The Work that Reconnects: Joanna Macy

Thanks for listening to On a Mission. I hope you took something from my conversation with Annie. I will continue to ponder – what is mine to do? I can’t do this alone. And Start Close In. You can find links and resources mentioned in today’s podcast at my website: molleendupreedominguez.com Follow along on my Instagram account this week as we continue to unpack and integrate the treasure that Annie shared with us. And stay tuned next Tuesday for my next episode featuring Chase Tibbs, the founder of the podcast Faith and Capital. Meantime, be well and have a beautiful week!  

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