On a Mission : Episode 2, featuring Chase Tibbs

If you don’t know Chase Tibbs, host of the Faith + Capital podcast, I’m so excited to introduce him to you. He’s a pastor’s kid from Indiana, raised in a conservative White evangelical community… but he started asking questions. “Is there only one Christian interpretation of sexuality?” “What about the Bible? Is there only one way to read that document?” and – most recently – “What about capitalism? Is this the best system for fostering the ‘beloved community’ about which Jesus spoke?” He’ll dive into those questions and more in today’s episode of On A Mission. Listen in. 


Links & Resources for Episode 2

Listen to Chase’s Faith + Capital podcast. I especially recommend this one and this one.

Chase recommended this book on sabbath and jubilee practices in early Christianity: All Things in Common: The Economic Practices of the Early Christians

Here’s the portion of Luke quoted by Chase regarding Jesus’ mission to embody Jubilee practices.

Support Chase’s scholarship at his Patreon page. (Give him some money!!)

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