What do you want more?

What do I want more? 

This is the question that is staying with me from EPF’s book, The Next Right Thing. 

Of all the things I could have or could do, what do I want to do more?

As an Enneagram 7, my unchecked tendency is to want all of the things, right now, please. I want to read all the books, see all the movies, teach all the classes, lead all the workshops, listen to all of the podcasts… consume, consume, consume. 

It is a painful struggle for me to acknowledge and admit that I have one body, one mind, and only 24 hours in the day. Therefore, I cannot have and do all the things. 

In the past, I have framed the choices before me in a negative light. That is, if I do this or have this, then I can’t have that.

But EPF frames it differently. Knowing I can only have a few, what do I want *more?* It’s a subtle, but important, shift for me. Suddenly the focus is not on what I cannot do or have, but rather what I am choosing to have. It’s the yes within the no. 

What do I want more than anything I could have? For me, the top answers are generally the same: sleep, time with my family, and time by myself in my house. I want these more than I want new clothes or new friends or reading new books or almost anything else. I am lucky to be in a position to prioritize these things and try to choose them whenever possible.

So – today – what do YOU want more?

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