Jesuit Volunteer Alumni Feature

I was honored to write a piece for my friends at Jesuit Volunteer Corps, reflecting on the seeds that God planted in me 20 years ago during my year of service in Detroit with JVC.

I came into JVC with my God in a neat little box. It was a pretty box, decorated with Bible verses, ribbons, and glitter. It was nice to look at, but it did not look right in southwest Detroit. It would take some time to see that God might walk the streets at night with the women from my agency who were sex workers. Or that God might be found in the addict who showed up looking for food at my housemate’s agency. What a difficult and mucky perspective for my clean, pretty, and what I’d learn was all coded language for a White God.

I thought I’d be bringing my well-dressed God *to* Detroit. But God had a surprise for me. She was already there.  

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