Hallow App


Have you tried Hallow?

It’s a prayer app where a soothing voice leads you through the process of quieting down, listening and talking with the Divine, and possibly journaling about what comes up for you. With music or without. 5, 10, or 15 minute sessions. It’s kinda brilliant.

Aside from the fact that the soothing voice heavily leans on masculine pronouns for the Divine, which I find distracting, I love it.

I find the app to be so helpful for me: an extroverted, controlling, Enneagram 7, who is always struggling to sit the heck down and STOP… who is tempted to yap my way through prayer when I do sit down… and who is constantly falling for the lie that meaningful prayer is going to take more time than I have.

I also love it because it helps me communicate to my students what prayer can be like. I will pop on one of the intro sessions with them, and we spend five minutes being intentional about God-time. It’s great, and a handful of my students have told me they have downloaded it and use it regularly. I’m tickled.

I think the app is great for anyone- beginner to experienced pray-er.

What do you think about it?


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