Weekend Reading

Fear not! I’ve done a bunch of writing this week, most of which will appear later in other spots.

But do you know this app: Our Bible App? It’s definitely worth a try for the folks who find traditional interpretations of the Bible to be boring, stifling, or downright damaging. Find some fresh air here!

Listen to this moving tribute to Rachel Held Evans from The Daily: the podcast of The New York Times. The pacing of this podcast gave me more time process her story: her awe-inspiring courage, her persistent faith, and the utter tragedy of her untimely death.

And another of my favorite Jesus-y writers on becoming affirming and celebrating LGBTQ+ folks.

And this beautiful journal I found at my beloved Sagrada store in Oakland. (Are you close by? You gotta go there!)

This journal is watercolor beauty walking journal writers through drawing and writing about what gives us life, what sustains us, what inspires us. It’s just so darn beautiful. I had to get it. Turns out, they have a podcast to go with it too!

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