Weekend Reading

Okay, so last week I was early to the weekend– and this week it’s Saturday night and I’m saying to myself, “Who cares? Post the Friday links!”

Alas, it’s Friday somewhere. (Maybe not, but you get the sentiment.)

That brings me to my first share: I joined hope*writers! It’s clear I need some discipline and a calendar if I want to take my writing seriously, and I am counting on hope*writers to help me make major strides in that direction this summer. You can read more about them – ahem, us – here on Instagram.

And here’s the woman who tipped the scales for me joining hope*writers. I’ve followed her for a while and love what she is about. When I heard she was joining, I was like, “OK, God. Good bait.”

Also, do you know Emily McDowell and her empathy cards?

We are loving this music in the car these days. It’s helping me practice my Spanish too!

And here’s where I’m planning to spend big chunks of the summer writing.

Have a beautiful weekend!

May your small children become u explains my absorbed in some non-messy craft or activity that means they are out of your hair for minutes… many minutes…

May your large children decide to wake up unexplainably early and ask you for a stroll to the coffee shop to split a bagel and chat.

And may everyone without children at home find time and space for that which brings you joy.

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