Getting Real with Gabrielle Blair: Episode 19

On a Mission is BACK, y’all. It is time for Season 3, and we’re ready to bust the doors off.

Today we are talking with Gabrielle Blair. You might know her from blogging and social media as Design Mom. She is a powerhouse in the world of blogging and design. She has six (!) children and currently lives in Normandy, France where she’s renovating a couple of properties, blogging many times a week, and basically killing it as an entrepreneur.

I asked her to come on On a Mission, though, to talk about her Mormon faith and how it relates to her growing body of writing about social and political issues. As you likely know, the Mormon faith is usually thought of as a traditional and often patriarchal religion where strict gender roles are the norm (like even women working out of the home is a serious question mark). Gabrielle, however, has not only worked outside of the home while being a wife and mother, she is at the top of her field. She is the founder of the Alt Summit, the premier conference & community for creative entrepreneurs & influencers.

In our conversation, we talk about Mormonism 101, her personal spirituality, and her take on divisive political issues. Listen along as Gabrielle takes us on a basic sex ed class emphasizing how to prevent unwanted pregnancies (and she’s the mother of 6 – we best listen). We go behind the scenes of the writing and publication of her pieces about gun violence, dealing with Trump supporters, plus – don’t miss why she says men have zero interest in lowering the number of abortions in the United States.

Trigger warning: we talk about suicide within the LGBTQ+ community and gun violence in the U.S. and also the impact of guns in suicide

Also – a warning – this podcast talks about adult topics like abortion and gun violence. Parents, I encourage you to exercise caution when deciding whether to listen within earshot of the young ones.

Episode 33: Episode 33: Preaching Hope with Kayla August On a Mission

Kayla August is a vibrant, up-and-coming leader in the U.S. Catholic community. Maybe you heard her preach on Christmas Eve 2020 on Catholic Women Preach. Maybe you heard her speak at the 2021 FutureChurch Feast of St. Mary of Magdala. Maybe you heard her just last month at Saturdays with the Saints at Notre Dame University speaking about Thea Bowman. Like I said, she’s all around. Currently, Kayla is pursuing a doctorate in Religious Education with an emphasis in preaching. You might find yourself asking *why* would a Black, Catholic, U.S. woman pursue such a degree? You’ve got to hear her answer to that question. She is flying on faith, and she reminds us that journeys are one step at a time. Listen for Kayla’s distinction between evangelization and proselytization, the importance of sitting in gratitude, and how to love a Church that doesn’t always love you back. Links we talked about in the episode:Boston College School of Theology and MinistryDr. Sr. Jamie PhelpsKayla August preaches for Christmas Eve Kayla August at Notre DameDiscerning DeaconsSister Thea BowmanKayla speaking at Saturdays with the Saints on Thea BowmanKayla’s bio page on Boston CollegeSupport the podcast at

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