On a Mission, Episode 13: Katie Lacz

Today I’m talking with Katie Lacz. She works for Women’s Ordination Conference, the United States branch of a worldwide movement to urge the Roman Catholic Church to reform and welcome women into ordained ministry. We talk about her journey to becoming a person of faith who does justice, her journey with Jesuit Volunteer Corps, and how she tries to balance being a mom in the suburbs with being a writer, an activist, and a leader for change in the Catholic world.

Who is Macrina?

I had the pleasure of speaking at a Women Deacons Prayer Service at St. Agnes Catholic Church in San Francisco last year. This prayer service focused on Saint Macrina, the younger. Never heard of her? Neither had I... My daughter got a caterpillar for her third birthday a few weeks ago. Side note: try not to give toddlers living things for birthday presents… well, unless they’re going to reveal a mystery about the Creator of the universe. Then, I guess,it’s okay. So, my daughter received a caterpillar as a present …