Weekend Reading – August 16

It’s Friday again! This week flew by for me with preparing for classes and then teaching them! But I gathered up a good batch of reading and listening for you to enjoy over the weekend!

The inimitable Joan Chittister got together with young, feminist theologians a few summers ago, and they all wrote pieces about the encounter. Let’s support this important project and all buy a copy here.

Y’all. Have you read the Book of Ruth? I mean, maybe you have. Or you’ve heard some of the narrative basics. Anyway! You *must* listen to this podcast Faith & Capital: Ruth and the Hidden Labor of Social Reproduction. I am *still* thinking about the term “social reproduction” and the value of that work.

The Lutherans nail it again.

Let’s all write Liberating Liturgies for this forthcoming publication.

Have a restorative weekend!

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