Weekend Reading – August 7, 2019

Happy weekend! I’ve got a song, an art piece, and a news article for you this weekend.

If you’re interested in the practicalities of reparations – as I am – this piece from PBS Newshour is a worthwhile watch. It spotlights folks in favor and against. It also gives some more specifics about how reparations might be administered.

As you are praying for and taking action on behalf of incarcerated refugees, I invite you to use this icon to pray Mary’s protection over the suffering and the tortured.


Oh I think you’ll love this song:

“Holy as a day is spent 
Holy is the dish and drain 
The soap and sink, and the cup and plate 
And the warm wool socks, and the cold white tile…”

Carrie Newcomer, Holy As the Day is Spent

Have a beautiful weekend!

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