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Can’t believe we are staring at the last weekend in June! This month has flown by for us. I’ve got a few treats for you this week, including a podcast, an article, and a television show for kids!

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Podcast: The Breakdown

First up – the heavy stuff – if you haven’t heard about this police incident in Phoenix, Arizona where the cops brutally harassed and assaulted a young, Black family in the 100+ degree heat, I feel it’s really worth taking the time to know about. Shaun King is doing incredible reporting on this and other issues related to institutional racism and police brutality. His podcast is called The Breakdown, and I love listening to his focus and perspective. Fair warning, though, this Phoenix story is BRUTAL to listen to.

 Photo credit: Paul J. Schutz/Santa Clara University

Hopeful News

Some hopeful news from the Catholic Theological Society of America… Apparently theologian Emily Reimer-Barry (pictured above- check her shirt Praise Jesus!) brought down the house with a presentation entitled, “Catholic Plan of Action for Reproductive Justice.” She received a standing ovation from the gathered theologians. I’ve scoured the internet for the full contents of the talk, but couldn’t find a transcript. Here’s a quote:

“Life in the womb does not have any greater claim on us than lives threatened by the structural violence of war, food insecurity, homelessness, police brutality, gang violence, substance abuse, poverty, child neglect and abuse, and migration.”

~ Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry, Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Theology at University of San Diego

Hallelujah and amen and preach on, my sister!

I am so grateful to this woman for putting herself and her scholarship in service of actual people.

Read about other astonishingly hopeful, progressive things that happened at this gathering here.

Do you watch television with a 5-10 year old?

Cuz I do.

And we are *loving* OddSquad on PBS. This is an incredibly clever and entertaining kids’ show with high production value; it’s focused on learning math concepts and problem solving. I just love what it’s doing for my daughter. She gets to see smart, capable girl role models (including one who rolls in a wheelchair) do math, be shrewd, and solve problems. Additionally, she sees boys who follow the leadership of females (the head of Odd Squad is a Black girl named Ms. O), aren’t ashamed to dress in “girl clothes” sometimes, and also be shrewd and solve problems. The ethnic and ability and age diversity of the cast makes my heart sing, and I want her to see and love all of this. I highly recommend it!

Enjoy all of this and have a wonderful weekend!


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