Weekend Reading

Welcome to another weekend! This week’s collection is all written work, but contains some of my all-time favorites!

Trinity Sunday

The best sermon I’ve ever heard on Trinity Sunday period:

“Two’s company and three’s a crowd. The dreaded love triangle! Somehow we have to get rid of the third side. Find a dragon to swallow it whole. A war to heal it or a death for its dissipation. Is it any wonder, then, we have trouble with Trinity? As love goes, one-on-one won’t do for God. There has to be a third. What we view as a fascinating evil, God sees as essential.

CreditCreditHokyoung Kim

Anyone else obsessed with Thirtysomething

…when you were in middle school? I was. Apparently Taffy Brodesser-Akner was too. I love everything she writes and how she writes it.

One of my favorite theologians, Lydia Wylie-Kellerman, on baptism:

It is enough, it is more than enough to be loved by God. Our child is safe in covenant with our God who is neither predictable nor always comfortable, but she will find there a hand that wipes away her tears, an end to her thirst, and a wind that sets her loose.

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Have a beautiful weekend!

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