Weekend Reading

Some of my favorite bloggers collect links to share on Fridays to tide readers over on weekends.

Let’s try it!

I want to meet these German women and share solidarity.

Yes to this Midwest Mom Pastor and her explanation of the crucifixion for kids. Especially since my five year old has a habit of gazing up at the crucifix during, say, the first reading at Mass and speaking at full voice to me, “WHY did they kill Jesus?”

And a feast on the same subject for the grown-ups.

For those more likely to listen than to read, check out this recent RobCast (my utterly, hands-down, favorite podcast and theologian/teacher of all time period): Rabbi Nahum on the Liberating Path. If you ever wonder, “Why is she so into this religion thing?” This is why.

And – after heavy stuff – please tell me you saw this.

May your weekend be everything you need it to be!

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