Rachel Held Evans

One of my blogging inspirations has died. She was 37 and had two children under age 3. It is an unspeakable tragedy.

Her death has hit me hard, partly because I *just* saw her at her conference, Why Christian, one month ago in San Francisco… and also because she’s a fellow warrior in the trenches of mothering young kids. My stomach turns at how those babies will not remember her and how her husband has to shepherd them through this. I just can’t.

Here is perhaps my favorite post of hers.

And this is so good too:

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  1. Pro-life vs Pro-birth. She could start a discussion right there. Read her post. Not right that she’s gone. Her family will be lost without her. But they will dig deep, reread her words and find a way

    So sorry you’re taking her loss so hard. Impossible to accept.

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