Reframing the Conversation on Reproductive Rights

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So many of us found ourselves in tough conversations with well-meaning people of faith in the 2016 and 2020 elections about voting for candidates who advocated for at least some legal abortions.

I compiled this list of resources to help inform your consciences, flesh out those conversations to include the widest possible interpretation of the phrase “pro-life,” and to shine a light on the ways other people have examined their consciences and made this challenging decision.

Resources to help your conversation about legalized abortion:

Catholic Bishops’ Theological Mistakes on Abortion Come at a High Price By Mary E. Hunt

Hunt, a Catholic feminist theologian, offers an interpretation of Catholic Bishops’ writings and teachings from a feminist lens that will fire you up to see the debate about abortion from an alternative perspective. 

Podcast: A Radical Eucharistic Life with Jamie Manson

Manson is the President of Catholics for Choice and offers several arguments to support the importance of reproductive freedom and justice for people of all genders. 

So you’re thinking of voting for a pro-choice candidate… by Rachel Held Evans

Held Evans was a powerhouse thinker and writer in the ex-evangelical space. She speaks directly to current and former evangelicals rethinking their political obligations based on ‘pro-life’ logic. 

Design Mom Twitter thread on abortion by Gabrielle Blair

A practicing Mormon, Blair offers a compelling and pointed rebuke of men who oppose legal abortion rights by placing the blame for unwanted pregnancies directly on them. 

The pro-life case for Biden by Justin DaMetz

DeMetz, an Episcopalian, lays out a 2020-specific case for voting for Joe Biden as a pro-life vote. 

Single-issue voting has corrupted Christian political witness by Bishop Mark Seitz

For far too long, in pursuit of “single-issue” strategies to end abortion, many Christians have scandalously turned a blind eye to real breakdowns in solidarity and dehumanizing policies, including crackdowns on worker rights and voting rights, the slashing of social support for the poor and sick, racism and the exploitation of immigrants and the environment.”

My loved ones told me ‘real’ Catholics vote for Trump. Here’s my response by Jeannie Gaffigan

A 2020-specific case for voting for Joe Biden by a famous Catholic mother of 5. 

One Heart Speaks to Another: Reframing the Abortion Question by Dominican Sister of Peace, Lois McGovern

“I would like to reframe the question of abortion. It’s not a question of right/wrong, good/bad, sinful. I know each of us cringes when we think of the death of a baby/fetus. I would like to look at this from the angle of the who and the why. We are not asked to judge, to approve or disapprove. We are asked if we will allow this procedure to be legal.”

Another Pro-Life Movement is Possible by Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry

Feeling academic? Read the paper that brought the Catholic Theological Society of America to its feet at the 2019 conference. Also, listen to Emily explain her argument on my podcast, On a Mission, Episode 5. 

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