About Molleen

Are you ready to get real and go deep with God? This is the spot for you. It’s my goal to offer you tools that will help you develop a nourishing spiritual practice, connect with God, and live your mission.

Get real

Do you feel like maybe God could handle ALL of you? Your feminism, your foul mouth, your fears, your goals, your political views, your money, your sex life? I think God can handle your real self, even if a church has told you God only wants to deal with a certain kind of person. I believe God has seen it all, heard it all, and can handle it all. So, let’s drop the act and get real with God. Let’s trust that God can handle anything we bring.

Go deep

Let’s not be satisfied with easy answers or trite sayings. Let’s go below the surface. Let’s go into this God-relationship expecting depth and complexity. Let’s be open to a completely new and maybe even terrifyingly vulnerable experience with the Holy. Let’s develop a never-ending curiosity and a patience with tension and dissonance. Let’s trust that God can hold a lot of things all at once, even things that don’t seem to go together. Depth and complexity, friends. Let’s dive in.

About Molleen

picture of my family

I am a writer, teacher, and minister living in the beautiful Bay Area of California. I hold a Master’s of Divinity and Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University. My own spiritual practice is heavily informed by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

I believe God is bigger and better than anything one human, one church, or one culture can hold. I love talking with people about God, the Bible, and their spiritual journeys. My heart breaks when I meet folks who have been hurt by the church, the Bible, or oppressive views of God. Part of my mission is to illuminate a God who is constantly present, unconditionally loving, and passionate about justice for the poor and oppressed.

I am married to a fabulous dude who encourages people with his daily posts on Facebook about life, parenting, live music, and politics: Marc Dominguez. We have one daughter, who challenges and delights us every day.

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