Weekend Reading

Happy Friday, everyone! Did you rush out to see Toy Story 4? And… what’d ya think?

A video, an article, an enewsletter, and two websites for you this weekend:

Required watching on the subject of reparations. I so deeply agree with everything Ta-Nehisi Coates says, and I think he argues for reparations brilliantly.

If you really have time on your hands this weekend, it’s worth a re-read of Coates’ Atlantic article from 2014. It’s so logical. And disturbing.

My girl Sarah Bessey has a monthly email newsletter that is chock full of her book recommendations, an exclusive essay, and other tidbits from around culture and the internet that I always find nourishing.

In hopeful news on the Catholic front – (bet you didn’t think you’d read those words this weekend)

These Spanish-speaking women are holding listening circles around the country.

These beautiful, brave, bold individuals are seeking to elevate the stories and faith of Queer Catholics. Hallelujah!

Have a fabulous summer-y weekend!!

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